What's In My Bag: Just Back From Traveling

What’s In My Bag: Just Back From Traveling

I think it’s very apt that we’re discussing “What’s in my Bag” this week because I just returned home, at 1 am :-\ ,  from traveling. My bag is what I would call an “omni-bag”, meeting all three (or four, depending on how you look at it) criteria: room for a full laptop, room for extra papers for grading or reviewing, and expandable to hold a change of clothes or two. The fourth is looks. I think Kenneth Cole did a very nice job on the styling. I previously discussed this bag, The Business Bag, on Engineer Blogs. I bring up traveling as nice timing for this post because I find my bag tends to pick up some extra things that I normally wouldn’t carry around on a daily basis. Inevitably, these things tend to stay in my bag for a few days before I finally clear them out. Since […]