Weekend Journal -- The Good Ol' Degreeless Days

Weekend Journal — The Good Ol’ Degreeless Days

I’m not someone who is prone to nostalgia often. First off, I haven’t been an engineer that long, at least in comparison to many of my peers. Being the “new guy” (or gal) can really prevent being nolstalgic about the old days. However, I find I’m becoming more so when I try to hire people. Hunh? You see, I know a decent chunk of engineers who I’d love to hire. I know I’d like to hire them because I’ve seen their work, I’ve talked to them about electronics and I know that they know their stuff. I feel confident that whatever they don’t currently know, they would quickly go out and learn to the best of their ability and apply it to the situation I’ve placed them in. However, in reviewing their work and credentials, I see that there isn’t an undergraduate degree on their resume. FULL STOP. Is this […]

Weekend Journal — Wrap-up and Followup

As somewhat of an administrator of this fine site, I like too look back and call out the good work that our writers are doing. We just finished up a theme week last week about the role of engineers when businesses are at different stages of their lifecycle. Some companies are dying. Some are growing. Some are just chugging along, doing what they do. In all of these cases, the engineering roles are never that different. We’re all still engineers, right? And I’m guessing if you enjoy reading this site, you like to see the commonalities among different types of engineers; there are many! But this past week, we saw the differences in roles and expectations, which I’d like to recap here: Seb started off the week writing about working at an established company and the conservative nature of engineering demands whiles still trying to find exciting work. GEARS delved into the grey […]