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This week’s theme is perceptions of engineers and engineering, and obviously I’m biased. My perception of engineers and engineering is that we make the world better and, through our thought processes, we can save the world. Now some of you are probably thinking, “Hmmm, engineers do create nifty gadgets and build things that save lives, so even though I’m not an engineer, I agree that you make the world better. But save the world? That’s far-fetched.” However, I’m not talking about your cell phone or a MRI scanner. I’m talking about saving the world in a political sense. That’s right, if you replaced Congress with 435 engineers in the House and another 100 in the Senate, you’d save the world. I’ll pause for effect… … And I’m not talking rockstar engineers. But if you take normal, working class engineers with working class families, you would solve most of the issues…

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