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One of the core things a young faculty member must do is publish. Without publishing, you will not establish yourself in your field, and the lack of results will make it more difficult to get funding. Without funding, you won’t have students to find results and publish, and then the downward spiral continues. In order to avert this process, you need to keep your eyes peeled for some low hanging fruit. That is, topics which haven’t been published before but, once you come across them, they are rather easy to simulate/build/measure/quantify/whatever, making it an easy way to churn out a paper. DrWife, Colleague, and I have been working on one such low hanging fruit, hence I didn’t have time to photoshop some salami onto my low hanging branch. This stemmed from an idea discussed several months ago. With me defending, DrWife and I both interviewing for positions and preparing to…

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