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This way or that way, it's the bike way

If we’re looking under the family “bag”, mine is of the genus “rucksack”. I cycle to work and find messenger bags simply too cumbersome (sorry,┬áCarmen). They slip and slide around, throwing their CoGs about, get in the way of my pedalling and after a longer ride my carrying shoulder hurts. No, messenger bags are simply not great a solution for actually carrying things whilst on a bike. A rucksack is the only way for me to go; specifically, the species Osprey Atmos 25. Clamped nice and firmly on my back, relatively slim but variable enough to carry surprising amounts. Its only downside is? Transpiration. Despite their best efforts at aero webbing and vents, it still presses my shirt against the skin, and and at temperatures like today’s 35 ┬░C, which would be… (Hi Google, could you – oh, you have already? 95 F? OK, great, thanks. How-? ), there’s not…

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