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Yesterday was what I would consider bitterly cold on the high plains.  The actual air temperature was around -15°F.  I have no idea what the windchill was: I don’t bother checking because it’s usually bad and only makes me feel worse.  Despite that, I tucked my lab notebook under my arm along with a mess of paperwork and trekked to the part of campus (i.e. the next building over, which is a long way in the cold) that deals with intellectual property issues. Those of you who read my blog may remember me talking about some easy funding I got for an idea.  The idea involved developing a special widget, and my supervisor thought it was an *ahem* novel idea.  He was hoping the widget might be patentable.  Granted, I may not be Hedy Lamarr, who patented the secret communication device below, but one can always hope that all this excess…

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