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There can be few greater misnomers than the title of the course I attended for two days last week: Time Management. Who thought that one up? Not students of metaphysics, anyway. The management of time? We can philosophise it, theorise it, chop it up into humanly sensible bits, run our lives to it; but we certainly can’t manage it. Still, what’s in a name? It’s a pithy title (better than “Trying to make the best of our remaining hours on earth, at work and at home”) and at least sells courses to HR departments, so let’s go with it. Manager-like, let’s also get straight to the core question: why was I there and what did I learn? (Management questions are always double-barrelled). I was there because during a personal development chat with my manager and director, I raised the point that I was struggling to maintain my deadlines; overall we…

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