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In honor of Father’s Day, I decided to try and find common ground with engineering. While not all fathers are engineers and not all engineers are fathers, they often have one thing in common: love of power tools! And so I thought I’d write an ode to those wonderful things that allow us to be the heroes we need to be (but not the heroes others deserve 😉 ). This poem is an Horatian Ode in the style of Percy Bysshe Shelley.   O power tools, great utility! We salute you For in our haste we need provided brunt To drill a hole or secure a loose screw prevent our everlasting, straining grunts That is, of course, if our blades be not blunt.   When questioning the project we must finish our power tools are the “how” to our “what” Though our abilities they shan’t ever diminish They ensure the…

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