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I was hacked this past week. Not Engineer Blogs, but where I keep a few of my other sites. It’s a virtual private server or VPS. This means I’m in charge. And I’m doing it wrong. I think this is probably a function of being an engineer, right? I have experienced firsthand how easy it is to learn and apply knowledge over the years. Oftentimes, it takes the following form: Find the information. Thanks, internet. Replicate the style of the information you’ve found in your own project. In programming, this starts as “helloworld.c” or similar. In 3D printing, this is printing a simple hexagon block (also used to calibrate). You’ve gotta start somewhere. Begin to modify. Change the code, add more components to your spice simulation, start adding parts in your 3D modeling software. Lather, rinse, repeat. Some people would refer to this not as “learning” but instead “hacking on…

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