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I’m on now what is likely my 3rd business trip ever. I don’t travel much, for work or otherwise. I’ve been reporting for element14 at the ESC Silicon Valley 2011 conference. It’s been really fun, getting to make videos and posting to their “Do It Together” blog; but outweighing the fun has been the weariness I’ve felt, the same weariness I’ve felt at other conferences and other times I’m traveling. And that’s the inspiration for this post. First off, I think I should mention what I always try to do. I always try to go on Yelp when I travel and try out some of the highly rated local restaurants and bars. I don’t travel much outside of work (I’m a cheapskate), so when I do, I like to try to get to places I wouldn’t experience otherwise. But I’ve found on this trip that I haven’t cared as much.…

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