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As I’m still getting over a rather nasty cold, I’ve spent more time than usual poking aimlessly around the internet. One of the things I do on vacation or while sick is try and catch up on the various webcomics I like. Here are a few of my favorites that relate to science and/or engineering. Angela Melick is a Canadian sustainability engineer, and responsible for the beautiful and funny comic Wasted Talent. She covers many aspects of life as an engineering student/early career engineer with great humor, from getting your P.Eng certification to the personalities of engineers to excessive acronym usage. Being Canadian, there are also hockey jokes. Randall Munroe’s incredibly popular xkcd covers physics and computer science  with occasional engineering references (just one more…). While he’s now a professional webcomic artist, he used to work for NASA as a roboticist. The art is minimalist, instead relying on wit and humor. Be sure to read…

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