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I am seriously jealous of my male engineering colleagues: it’s so easy for them to pick out clothing, and they never have to worry that someone will assume they aren’t an engineer because of their attire.  I have decided that it is time for a serious wardrobe upgrade, and I am struggling to figure out what kind of clothes I can and should wear. For years, I’ve been quite happy wearing jeans, sneakers and tshirts or sweaters depending on the weather.  This is perfectly acceptable where I work, as there really is no dress code.  Unfortunately, this more often than not has left people believing I’m a grad student, or more often, an undergrad…because that’s how a lot of them dress. When I’ve tried to upgrade to wearing more professional clothes, I am assumed to be a secretary, except when I went to a conference recently.  At the conference, I…

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XKCD shirt

In my life, I am surrounded by nerds. I love this environment – it’s a rare thing to be surrounded by equally passionate and quirky people with engineering mindsets. But sometimes I look around and think, “man, how did this get to be normal?” So I thought I’d give some examples of the nerd environment that I take for granted. And I am curious to hear from you – what nerdy expressions do you see from your friends? How do you express your own nerdiness? (Disclaimer: all this is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, and I by no means intend to criticize anyone’s personal choice of expression.) Apparel Level 1: Generic Harvard or MIT shirt. This is meant to express “I’m hot stuff, and smart, so look at me I go to an Ivy League school.” But if you ask those who actually attend such schools, they would never wear such…

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