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This week’s theme at Engineer Blogs asks the authors to recount their path to “success”. What were the turning points? Who was involved? And so forth. The arc of a storyline usually tells of a protagonist that is transformed as the events unfold from beginning to end. Tiger Woods is a good example — rising prodigy, international superstar, fall from grace. Adolf Hitler is another great example — struggling artist, dictator extraordinaire, suicide. Or we can look at Barack Obama — fatherless childhood, President of the United States, Kenyan Muslim Marxist. But not everyone is blessed enough to have a sweeping story arc in their lives. Donald Trump, for example, is more of a sine wave than an arc. And for me, it’s more or less a straight line with a shallow slope. A suburban upbringing. Good at math and physics in high school. Studied engineering. Works in engineering. Continues…

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