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This morning I awoke to an interesting Get Rich Slowly article. I’ve mentioned it on this site before, but GRS is one my favorite sites on the internet. It’s a personal finance blog that was started by JD Roth but has expanded to many other authors (and guest authors!). Today, the daily post was from a former teacher who wrote: [This and other blogs] seem to be written by people who work in their pajamas or by people with no opportunity cost to blog (they’re either financially independent already or stay-at-home parents). These are both great things, but I don’t hear much from a Joe Sixpack schlub with a 9-to-5 like me. Instead, there’s a lot of Tim Ferris-type noise about how us poor saps who go out and punch a clock are the suckers. Plus, there are so many blogs advocating early retirement in the form of extremely low cost lifestyles,…

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