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Hi! I recently came across your site. Great work. I, too, am an engineer (materials science) and started up a personal blog this year that I’d like to share. I’d enjoy any feedback you’d care to send my way.


(By the way, I would have gone through your “Write for us” channel, but I’m still new to this and thought leaving a reply would be a better avenue.)


I have stumbled upon this site doing some research into engrs who are accessing the blogging community, and I have been wondering if I could talk via email or skype into the reasons this site was created, and other questions.



I’m a member of the Boston branch of the National Society of Black Engineers. Some of the women in our group do write I plan to inform the group of your blog to see if they are interested in building upon it. The coordinator fo the group is Ronald Wagogo. You can write him at coordinator of the Wagogo@gmail.com

Just a quick note to thank you for the informative articles. There aren’t many engineering blogs out there and I like the way this one isn’t too specific. Most engineers are also interested in other fields of engineering.

Keep up the good work.


I have enjoyed reading the blog posts here but had a question. What happened to them? I noticed that they stopped almost 6 months ago. Is there any plan to continue posting? I hope to see more!


Good work Guys. While i was looking for some blogs by engineers, I found your blog quite interesting. I have also started blogging about engineering on my blog named “Voice Of Engineers”. I hope you will find some time to pay a visit to my blog as well.

I’m a recent engineering grade from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Electronics Engineering. I’m looking into guest blogging in engineering to keep building on my understanding and notoriety. I proved my strong ability in technical report writing when I was a college student. I don’t have a website yet but am working on finding the low cost option that works for me and requires little technical experitise as I’m not too websavy. I have blogged in sparkpeople.com and JSF Jean Senat Flury blog. My sparkpeople account is watsonj31. I also wrote my linkedin, and have many lab reports saved in my virtual account at adrive.com that I can share with you.

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