Write for us!

While we are a new site, we might be big someday! We’re accepting applications to be a full-time writer at Engineer Blogs. We start small and eventually decide whether or not to “activate” you as a full time writer. Once we have the kinks worked out, we’ll start kicking it into high gear!

It’s best if you have your own site that you write at and have written for a while (3-6 months). We want to be able to see your past work and link back to you! If you’re interested, please fill out the form below.

A note, added by the editor: We are not, nor will we ever be, accepting guest posts from anyone with an agenda to sell any product or service. We are only seeking legitimate engineering bloggers who are interested in joining our small community. If you do fill out the form and are selling something, we reserve the right to send you a nasty email detailing our exact opinions on your product and what we don’t like about it. We have received enough form submissions like this now to prompt this message. This form is meant for people who would like to be full time writers on this site. ┬áThank you for understanding.

A second note, added by the same editor: The request in the first note refers to all “digital marketers”, “content managers”, “technical writers”, “talent recruiters”, “online specialists”, “freelance writers” and anyone else who isn’t actually an engineer during the day.