Ex-pat Engineers in Shanghai

Ex-pat Engineers in Shanghai

It’s been a bit quiet here on EngineerBlogs lately. Everyone is no doubt busy with their real jobs, myself included. The reason is for me is simply workload. As an ex-pat, you are expected to communicate with HQ on a regular basis. The only ex-pats that don’t need to deal with such odd hours are ex-pat engineers. After being here for 2 months, I’ve only met 1 ex-pat engineers — a fellow from France that sits 10 ft. away from me. Every other ex-pat that I’ve met that does engineering related work are engineering managers, myself included. Unfortunately, the ex-pat high tech community isn’t all that large. So far, I’ve met an analog IC manager from TI and an IT director from Alcatel-Lucent. Almost everyone else works for companies noted for their mechanical engineering products — GM, Ford, Volvo, and a few other companies that cater to big manufacturing industries rather than consumers. They also live very nice ex-pat lifestyles — house, car, driver, maids, etc. I, on the other hand, take public transit to work and rely on taxis to go everywhere else.

With so many car companies on the brink of extinction just a few short years ago, I’m surprised how many ex-pats were assigned their very expensive postings right around that time frame. I’m obviously doing something wrong. It appears the trick to getting a great ex-pat pay package is to work for a money losing multinational.

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