WTF #8: Let It Be

WTF #8: Let It Be

I wake up to the sound of music, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, “Let it be.”
— Paul McCartney

As inclined as I am to favour the Christian faith, having Mother Mary speak to me as I awake would totally freak me out. Which is too bad, because the words she is imparting to Sir Paul is wisdom indeed.

This past Friday marked my last day at my old position, my last day with the same local colleagues that I’ve been honoured to have worked with for the past 7 years. It was a day of mixed emotions, though I kept most of that emotion to myself. I called up those I worked with in the US, thanked them for having made my working life pleasurable, and uttering that old clichéd line about staying in touch. As for my local colleagues who are about to be laid off, well, we’ll get together for one last dinner still.

Last week, I had talked to one of the directors in the company. He confided in me that our team’s final product was the best working prototype the department has made in recent memory. He said we should be proud of our accomplishment. I guess that’s why upper management decided to disband our design team. Nothing like a boot to the ass to follow that pat in the back. It’s gets me a bit riled up every time I think about it.

It’s a good thing my laid off colleagues are in a fairly good position right now. They’ve been provided generous severance packages and at least two have been given job offers, albeit requiring them to move out of town/country. The other two are holding out for opportunities locally, and I think they’ll be able to find something soon enough. Unfortunately, all of them are looking at hefty pay cuts. I guess the optimist would say that we should be thankful for having been overpaid for so long.

But I shan’t dwelt too long in the past. To focus on the future, to meet the challenges of my new position, I think it would be wise to follow the words that Mother Mary gave to Paul McCartney: Let it be.

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Let me be the first to mention that the “Mother Mary” in this song is Paul’s OWN mother who was named Mary, not the Biblical Mary.

You and your collegues are not alone. Our group which performed well when compared to the other engineering groups that our parent company purchased, was shut down also.

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