Constant craving

Constant craving

All the literature geeks who read EngineerBlogs probably know that today is the Ides of March.

*crickets chirping*

However, everyone else probably was celebrating Pi day yesterday.  Some of us take our favorite constants very seriously.  And some of us eat them.


(Yes, I baked that.  But not yesterday.)

One of my favorite stories about Richard Feynman is how he broke into someone’s file cabinets because he guessed this person had a thing for well-known constants.  After incorrectly guessing the person was using the value of pi as the code to the numerical lock, he tried e.  He gave this person the scare of his life.

Pi is one number that everyone seems to know and love, but I wonder: is it your favorite number, or do you have another?  I personally like the value of permittivity for free space (because I used it so much in grad school).  Unfortunately, this isn’t terribly catchy, nor does it have a delicious food I can eat as obvious celebration.

So what is your favorite constant?


I like c. In particular, I like to divide other quantities by it: energy/c = momentum, power/c = force, or power/area/c = pressure for electromagnetic radiation. Not sure what day to celebrate it, though.

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