Happy Holidays! Take a Break!

Happy Holidays! Take a Break!

Hi Everyone!

We’re wrapping up our first year at Engineer Blogs and I’d like to say how much fun I’ve been having so far. After writing for nearly a year with all these other great engineers, I am glad we’re still enjoying what we’re doing and we hope you’re enjoying it as well! We always love how interactive our audience is and the additional insight you all provide. We now adding another component to our interactive nature and taking guest authors on Engineer Blogs, so if you’re interested in being a one-time, some-times or all-the-time kind of author, please let us know.

Since we’ve had such a great year, we’re going to give our writers a week off. They work hard to provide an article per week, in addition to their other blogs and activities. We’ll be back in the new year to regale you with more engineering articles and what I can only assume will be a resolution or two (how can we not??).

And in a final note of business, we’re happy to announce that Miss MSE has joined us full time as an author. She’s added great articles and insight and we’re happy she’s sticking around!

Happy holidays!


Chris Gammell