ZOMG! I Haz Survived!

ZOMG! I Haz Survived!

If you can’t tell from the title or the picture,¬†the semester is over! I’ve made it through a 4-month whirlwind of activity, craziness, anxiety, and, not to toot my own horn, success. Going into this semester, I thought I had a good idea of what it took to be tenure track material (I mean, I got the job didn’t I?!?). That last month though, was a little rough at times. All in all, I think everything went about as well as it could go for my first semester teaching. I’ve read some of the comments from my class survey (I’ll discuss more in a later post) and many were of the flavor, “I was a little apprehensive about this class with a new prof and given that this was his first time teaching, it was a lot better than expected and things went well.” That’s encouraging for the future.

While I’m super¬†ecstatic, it’s still an uphill battle because I’m also teaching again next semester, and it’s a class that’s on a completely new topic (right in my wheelhouse though). Given that it took me ~3-4 hours of prep for a ~1:20 lecture, I have plenty of work to do this break. Plus, there are several proposals that I want to write which occur early in the semester, and I’ve got one hold-over manuscript from previous work that must be finished. That means I’ll need to be very efficient with my time management. I would say that I was just OK with my time management this semester and I definitely need to improve that if I’m going to really ramp up research, teach a new course, and hit all of the proposal deadlines.

I’ve written previously on how I feel that success breeds success. I feel a little burned out but now that I’ve submitted grades, I also really feel like working on proposals, writing that manuscript, and working on my book.

For the other faculty out there, what did you feel like after your first semester?

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