Advice for parting students

Advice for parting students

Tomorrow is my last set of classes this semester.  I never know what to do the last day of class, as I have to admit to missing the interaction with the students.  I have had a couple students who have kept contact with me after taking classes from me, but for the most part, I won’t see them again.

I always wonder if there are some great words of wisdom I could share with them.  In the past, I’ve also told my classes that I really enjoyed teaching them.  This semester, I decided to forego any sentimentalism and show Dave Jones advice to recent grads.  Some of the advice is specific to someone who wants to go into hardware design, but a lot of it is good for college students to hear in general.


As a student or professor, what do you expect out of the last day of classes?  And what parting advice would you give?

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I usually try to tie everything back to the “big picture ideas” on the discipline and the subject matter that we spent the first day of class discussing. Sometimes I’ll have them do the exact same exercise/solve the exact same problem that they explored on the first day of class. This has the added bonus of getting them to reflect on how much they’ve learned over the course of the term.

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