The Home Team

The Home Team

This week at Engineer Blogs we’ve been talking about what we’re thankful for, as are many blogs stateside this week. For many of you the big day is over and for many others this is just the start of a long weekend with family. And no matter how much you love or hate your family, or how big or how small it is, I think a big part of what makes us who we are as engineers is the team that supports us from behind the scenes (gingerbread cookies photo from Rick Waller).

I know for me personally I would not have gone on to become an engineer if it wasn’t for the loving and encouraging support of my family and loved ones. For many of you you might have grown up with parents who encouraged your tinkering or just encouraged your intelligence and individuality. Engineering is not an easy career. We’ve talked here on Engineer Blogs about the impact on your personal life that work stress can have and the many other challenges of being an engineer.

Oftentimes your biggest support staff is not your admin or your IT staff it’s your family and your friends. It’s the people who aren’t afraid to tell you the truth, to remind you of your mistakes, and bolster up your confidence when that’s needed. So this holiday season I’m thankful for my family and friends and the fact that they are always there backing me up. How about you? How important is your family and friends to who you are and your success as an engineer?


I have to admit that a lot of my family has really scratched their head about some of my career and educational choices. On the other hand, my mom was always there, telling me I could do it and pushing me to do some really crazy stuff.

My mom is awesome. 😀

My decision to go into engineering made a lot of sense in retrospect and my family was very supportive and proud of me. I had a weird relationship though because my father was (and is) a salesman who has been at odds with engineers throughout much of his career (especially in the electronics industry). That has translated into a little bit of friendly back and forth at the holidays, but I still love him and all my family. Especially because of how much they put up with my quirkiness.

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