Balance in an Engineering Career

Balance in an Engineering Career

This week I want to look at a blog that was written by someone else. Reason being that I think they have done a better job and are better positioned to talk about my topic area this week. That of Colonel John D. Sims.

Despite being in the US Army and having little to do with engineering Colonel Sims is someone that has experienced a challenging career. I’m not talking about being on the front line or being a great solider. No, I’m talking about how in difficult situation he has learned to become himself and though understanding his role as a commander has better served not only his country and the army but more importantly the soldier under him and his family.

While I’m not saying that our jobs as engineers are anything like being part of the armed forces, I think what Colonel Sims has to say strikes home at how we should all consider our careers and our conduct towards our fellow workmates, peers, and family.

I’m not going to waffle on as the blog is a great read.  I would like you to go over and give it a real chance and think about what he has to say from your own view point as a engineer. Hopefully, you will see some guidance in it as I have; try and remember the rules and strive to be just a little better at keeping our career in balance.

Please follow this like to Colonal John D. Sims Blog here:

Balance in a Military Career: Lessons Learned on Leadership and Life

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Paul, He was absolutely correct. As a retired military man working as an engineering manager I have to agree to every point. Most of those same tactics are what I brought with me to the outside. Like his father I never mastered the come home early while in the military, but I am making up for it now with my current position. As engineers I think we get so focused on the problems in front of us at the time, that we forget how to walk away when we need to.

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