3 responses to “Weekend Journal — You’re Doing It Wrong”

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  2. Stanley Lee

    Don’t mean to be an ass, but I want to add one more question to challenge you. I know you mean well with your sites, but if you’re going to get better servers for your sites, how the f*** are you going to pay for it without having it eat a big dent in your budget? Something to think about when you shape the marketing model.

  3. Mike

    Sometimes it’s not being a cheapskate that gets you, its arrogance. After all, we’re engineers! We should be able to design/build/fix anything, right?

    I had a close call with that version this week. I needed to measure some inductive structures using our probe station and a network analyzer. Once I got into it, I found out I had mismatched probes, so I wouldn’t be able to use any of the standard calibration routines. ‘Damn – now I’ll have to set up my own calibration file. I know there’s an app note for that somewhere….’

    Luckily I came to my senses before I got too far, talked to my supervisor, and ordered another probe. I probably just saved myself two weeks of pulling my hair out trying to make sure I had a decent measurement.