8 responses to “This class is a joke”

  1. paul hopwood

    Personally i’d hate it!

    … A term is short enough already for the things which need to be crammed in, although I’d probably attend something extra-curricular – that’s a real option I would’ve said – lunch time or after the last lecture if its a worthwhile topic (ie not a sales pitch)

    I’m guessing its not part of your course but have you considered the need for presentations & PowerPoint as a key skill? … Yes, engineers are bad at them & shouldn’t do them but in the real world you will have to!

  2. Miss MSE

    I was always really, really annoyed by presentations in the engineering fundamentals class that were clearly only of interested to <10% of the students in the room. And every time, they were scheduled for 15 minutes and ran 30…

    On the flip side, being from a small department, I appreciated learning about the smaller disciplines within engineering. But frankly, that's relevant information for a large fraction of the students in the class, who may not know what most types of engineers actually do. However, since this is a class targeted toward incoming EE majors, maybe only have presentations from departments where they are likely to take electives?

  3. GEARS

    I think these classes are mostly a waste of time. If a student is interested in taking something outside of a STEM field, then take the class, but don’t waste everyone else’s time. Likewise, I disliked those general engineering classes that taught you a little bit about each discipline in your freshman year. I came in to school knowing that I wanted to be a mechanical engineer. If I wanted to be a civil engineer, I would have majored in it.

    If you already know your discipline, it’s better to get on with the classes and then save those credits for when you’re a junior or senior and you can use it for another STEM elective.

  4. ferd

    Back in my day… after walking to school for miles in deep snow… (etc. etc.)
    well, as Freshmen we were required to start school one week early and attend these classes / presentations that were not major-specific or about our new college lives. I would have been irritated if I found these topics in a required engineering class that I was paying for and spending time on. Sounds like somebody in upper management cannot schedule well, and has lost focus upon the customers (students).