2 responses to “Showing Appreciation”

  1. Carmen Parisi

    When I left my first co-op to go back to school I bought flowers for the women on the soldering line who made the custom cables that went into our products. They were super nice during my six months there, teaching me to solder and showing me how to use some of the special equipment they had (laser wire strippers are awesome!). They were very appreciative of the gesture and I ended up with a recommendation from them to use in the future.

    As an added bonus my bosses’ wife worked on the soldering line so I was able to have the following conversation with him that morning:

    Me: Hey Boss!
    Boss: Hey Carmen! How’s your last day going so far?
    Me: Not too bad sir, bought your wife some flowers and she really liked them.
    Boss: Say what now?!

  2. Taylor Michaels

    In my soon to be released new book, “The World Traveler in Saudi Arabia …” I point out the value in having ‘Friends at the Bottom.”

    Many people will tell you how they have benefited from having ‘Friends at the Top,’ but the reality is that those people are hard to find and harder to get them to become friends.

    ‘Friends at the Bottom,’ are way more useful, helpful and valuable. Also, they are cheaper. A few minutes spent appreciating someone’s work has had a bigger effect for me that spending tens of thousands on Country Club memberships. (I believe this, but have never belonged to a Country Club, so, it’s my opinion, not a verified fact.) Try spending a few minutes appreciating the work your draftsperson does versus appreciating your manager’s work. It will become obvious quickly.

    It really cracked my up to hear someone being advised to “try being likeable.” What would Mister Spock have replied? “Fascinating.”