4 responses to “WTF #20: Damn Overseas Workers”

  1. D

    In my last 4 jobs I’ve NEVER had a computer ready for me on my first day (hardware, software, email account, permissions…)

    I’ve grown to accept it 😉

  2. Chelsea

    I’ve been lucky enough to intern three times, each time getting my computer and everything set up on the first day. I can’t imagine waiting long periods of time for something that necessary!

  3. Sabena Stone

    The new hire should feel lucky to be there. I was transferred within the same company, different location. I spent 2 weeks in a small desk in the corner of a large office. The person’s office was four grade levels below me. I had no computer and had to borrow someone else’s computer. However, another time, when I went overseas, everything was waiting for me. Different people operate on different wavelengths. We are adults. We go with the flow.

  4. ferd

    Unfortunately, as a new hire I’ve come in to find zero resources available to me every time! From talking to others this seems to be a common experience. Worse, I’ve gone months without some resources. Makes me wonder why they hired me. At one company they handed me a broken laptop and expected me to fix it myself, so I could have a company computer. Then I had to hack my way into their network to create my own account (which was so easy it was scary).

    In my current job I am supposed to monitor and administer several computer systems, but after being here for over a year I still do not have access accounts for several of them. I have to piggyback from somebody else’s account. Management seems to think that’s good enough. It originally took me six months just to get accesses that allowed me to do mundane tasks such as e-mail and timesheets. I thought that my supervisor would get tired of doing this for me, but he apparently doesn’t care.

    Stuff like this not only hurts morale, it gets the wheels turning for finding a better job. How much churn in your company is self-inflicted?