6 responses to “WTF #17: Seditious Traitor”

  1. Sophi Kravitz

    I would love to have the opportunity to work for a bit of time in China!
    Just that, I would do it for the experience.
    ps.maple syrup is nasty

  2. K

    Nope, I wouldn’t sell out for anything. I already left my home country for a time, and now that I’m back, I’m never moving moving out for an extended time. I’d take a job about 5 levels below my education, rather than leaving again. I’ve found that there isn’t enough money out there to entice me.

  3. Will Hsiung

    I wouldn’t leave the U.S. for China for any opportunity, but I would love to live and work in Canada for any sort of job – lot more opportunities for curling there! 🙂

  4. Sen


    There is no way that maple syrup is nasty. There are plenty of cheap imitations that is lot like corn syrup and water. Nothing beats the real thing though.

    It is sad that Canada, that design houses are closing down in Canada. I don’t know why technology companies cannot prosper. Does RIM hire IC designers though? I thought they were more on the chip level side though I could be wrong. I hope that companies in Canada will continue to grow.

    1. Fluxor

      RIM used to have a lot of more IC design centres, but that has been on the decline for years.

  5. ferd

    You’re not a “Seditious Traitor”. You’re doing what you need to do – which is looking out for yourself and your family. World politics is not your fault. Corporate decisions are not your fault. You have virtually no control over any of that, and to Governments and CEOs you are invisible. Do what you need to do to keep your career progressing.

    It takes a lot of courage to move to another country, especially one with such a different culture and not the best relationship with your home country. Hopefully this experience will lead to better things. Maybe you will get the opportunity to move back to your home country (should you want to) if corporate executives learn to plan beyond the next fiscal quarter. There’s no way to know exactly what the future holds, except that there will be change. If you can roll with the changes you’ll be in better shape than most of us.