4 responses to “What’s In My Bag: Chris Gammell”

  1. gasstationwithoutpumps

    I spend most of my time in front of computer, but I rarely carry one, except when I travel or need a laptop for making a presentation. My backpack always has a clipboard with lined paper, pencils, eraser stick, pencil sharpener, and an RPN calculator.

    The tool every engineer should carry is a Swiss Army knife (OK, some prefer a Leatherman tool). The knife blade can be used for almost everything that Chris claimed diagonal cutters were good for, and the other tools are good for opening wine and beer bottles, fastening and unfastening screws, opening tin cans, punching new holes in leather belts, removing splinters, and so forth.

  2. Jacob

    Ever since I got an E-Reader (the new model from Sony), I’ve carried it with me everywhere. I’ve loaded it up with most of my textbooks, so I have a searchable database in case I need to look something up. I’ve also loaded it with all the datasheets for the electrical components that I work with, so I can quickly look up the pinouts/specs/curves for various chips without having to dig through papers or go online, and so I always have it by my side when I’m breadboarding. It’s also loaded with classic books from Project Gutenberg in case I’m sitting at the bus stop and feel like reading. (I recommend “the chemical history of a candle” by Michael Faraday). And since it’s a touchscreen model it works as an electronic sketchpad, in case I need to draw something quickly or crunch some formulas and run out of paper (a notebook works better for this).

    1. Jacob

      Also, my keychain has a tiny two metre tape measure built-in, which comes in handy when you’d least expect.

  3. Carmen Parisi

    I may be running around with resistors in my pocket but I’ll never know because all I work with is tiny surface mount parts…