5 responses to “Weekend Journal — Vendor Relationships”

  1. Jeremy Cook

    Yeah, that’s ridiculous. How are you supposed to find out about new products?

    1. Chris Gammell

      http://chipreport.tv is my new idea for that!

  2. Charles J Gervasi

    Maybe the vendor’s salespeople, with all their connections, will eventually help promote your product in some way as in “You know that cool product that Chris did. It uses our ADCs. You should check it out. It’s awesome.”

  3. John Schuch

    Purchasing guys live life cranky because what they REALLY want is to tell you what chips you are allowed to use in your design.

    Purchasing/Vendor relationships: Adversarial
    Engineer/Vendor relationships: Cooperative/supportive (hopefully)

    Purchasing will always consider you to be “sleeping with the enemy”.

    Agree to disagree with your friend.

  4. Sabena Stone

    When I worked for a major refinery on the Gulf Coast, many of the young engineers would do things that were far more than I have heard here. They would go out on the vendors’ boats and would be wined and dined. The younger engineers would rely on their vendors to give them the correct sizes for their pressure vessels, pumps and relief valves. The young engineers were learning from these vendors instead of asking their senior mentors or group leader. When it comes to this, this is wrong. What happens when the vendor suggests the wrong size and a wrong piece of equipment blows up and kills someone? They have no responsibility in this. Only the young engineer. Whether the company should foster a better relationship between young engineers and mentors is for another topic.

    I’m not saying that vendors are not a good source for new products. All I’m saying is that there needs to be some oversight. In some companies, it’s the Purchasing Department. Since we, as experienced engineers, know how to temper good judgment with experience, younger engineers need more supervision until they develop sound judgment and accept the responsibility to do their own work.