9 responses to “Gift-giving for engineers”

  1. Miss MSE (@MissMSE)

    Is there an engineer of any age who doesn’t want (more) LEGO? Or even better, LEGO Technics?

    For books, my more specific recommendations are to look at the Dover books on various subjects, or Henry Petroski’s books.

    Another great option is finding small one-day classes on making different things, like a glass blowing. It’s always fun to learn a new form of tinkering.

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  3. Glen Cooper

    Hi! Cool post. I did something similar last Xmas http://bit.ly/sCGfmk

    Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Glen Cooper

    http://buildingmadesimple.blogspot.com/2011/12/present-buying-engineer-it.html last link didn’t seem to work.

    It’s e holy grail of present buying algorithms for engineers!


  5. Taylor Michaels

    You left out handkerchiefs!!!!!! I have boxes I haven’t opened yet.

    I don’t think they have gift cards, but even a catalog from smallparts.com or allelectronics.com is nice, especially since The Shack has gone off the rails.

  6. MistressOfTheDorkness

    One valuable tip I haven’t seen yet… check their Amazon wishlist!
    My husband checks mine out and I’ve gotten great Christmas and Birthday presents from it.