One response to “Knowing when to slow down”

  1. Miss Outlier

    Oh I have such problems with this issue! Although I am not faculty, my labmates do call me Miss “Side Project” Outlier as a joke. 🙂 When something new and interesting comes up, it takes SO much self control to avoid tackling it, and keep motivated to make progress on the old, not-so-shiny projects you already have going.

    I got in over my head this spring, and it was painful. (So I guess for me, I may not realize it until the cards are coming down…) It was compounded by the fact that some of the things I had signed up for turned out to be MUCH more work than I anticipated. There was nothing to do but finish the commitments I had, grit my teeth, and hope I could sleep when I died. That has cured me (for a while, at least) and made me much more cautious about saying “yes” to new things.