2 responses to “WTF #14: Thinking Ahead”

  1. European Academic

    Well, sorry to dissapoint, but these kind of blind sidewalks are the norm in many European cities (in e.g. Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Germany, Austria, etc.), so I guess that’s likely where the Chinese inspiration comes from.

    1. Fluxor

      I was being sarcastic, of course, seeing how I’ve never seen these sidewalks in North America and how Obama’s opponents like to portray him as socialist/communist/Kenyan/etc. (the design of the t-shirt usually has Chairman Mao underneath the hat and the handwriting underneath is Mao’s own calligraphy). I certainly don’t doubt what you say, but I haven’t seen these sidewalks in various cities that I’ve visited in France, Italy, or Switzerland. Perhaps these countries like to torture the blind as an after-dinner hobby.