3 responses to “dr. versus , Ph.D.”

  1. European Academic

    Robes are a very anglo-saxon thing, they have them in UK in Ireland too, but not elsewhere in Europe, from what I know. I got my PhD in Scandinavia and received a golden ring – no robes exist there either. My graduation ceremony was a proper full-blown ball with tails for men and ball gowns for women as required dress.

    Now I work in Anglo-saxon environment and so I am usually given the local robe for any graduation. Usually whatever is left over from the regular set, so even though I graduated in one of STEM fields, I once wore a robe of a PhD in Musicology and another time PhD in Economics. I don’t really care – it’s all for the parents and students sake more than mine and they don’t really care or know that where I am from there are no robes.

  2. George Lungu

    I believe this Ph.D. thing is over-rated. Since nowadays all the kids get the degree it is nice to have it but I’ve seen a lot of animosity towards engineers who have it by managers who don’t have it. In my school we borrowed the robe and the cap and I believe we purchased the “scarf” (I am not sure about the real name of that object).

  3. Jeremy Cook

    “When you’re a faculty member, you’re supposed to were the academic regalia of your university”

    – Interesting, I had no idea about that. Maybe I should have been more curious at my or any of the other graduations that I’ve gone to.