2 responses to “WTF #11: Is It OK to Hire Women?”

  1. Martin D.

    A female friend of mine applied for a job in the department for the development of electrical components in a medium sized company here in Germany. After she had gained her bachelors degree among 95% male fellow students she was asked, if she “had problems working with men”. She is still wondering what the point of the question really was.

  2. D

    I have a similar situation. I’m managing a factory of ten employees in a Southern country, and cultural norms are similar for CVs: age, gender, race, proficiency in ethnic languages, ID number, drivers license. For sick or compassionate leave we require a medical note from the doc or death certificate.

    At first I was very unnerved at the high amount of personal information, but I’ve learned to just accept the cultural difference and try to use it to inform me of the deeper levels of worker interaction – ethnic group, age, education level.

    Now I just need to work on the chauvinistic attitudes..