4 responses to “Weekend Journal — You Don’t Need Permission”

  1. Michael

    I had much the same experience growing up – but now that I own a house, it doesn’t seem like there isn’t a job out there I won’t try myself. Same with cars, I used to think only mechanics could work on them successfully – now I do my own brakes and work through every other calamity that seems to plague them. God bless Youtube and forum threads (even if they are three years old). Great post, thanks.

  2. daniel

    As usual, you have a knack for finding simple, yet intriguing, good ideas for articles. This is a very candid exposé, if you will. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I can relate to much of your article.

    By the way, in Portland (Oregon), there are a few tool libraries, just like libraries, but with tools of all kinds. Guessing there aren’t any in Cleveland (isn’t that where you are?), but it would be worth looking into if you’re still doing a lot of home improvement stuff.


  3. Will Hsiung

    Same situation here. I do think the reason why was how I was raised – outcome and results were critical, learning through experimenting and failing was unacceptable. I still remember getting yelled at by my mom for breaking a cassette player just because I turned it on! Even when she wanted me to learn how to fix a car, I was still stung by the fear of a bad result (note that as a widow she raised me by herself as an only child, though I believed my dad, a civil engineer himself, would’ve been the same way had he lived to see me grow up for similar cultural, i.e. Asian, reasons).

    It took me a while but these days I’m more inclined to try and fix or build something than seek professional help, unless it’s immediate urgency like a broken down car. Plus I’ve changed my mindset by not only stop worrying about results but also stop worrying about making someone happy, even within my immediate family. There are regrets I have in life, but the biggest was not experimenting much in my youth for fear of disappointing my family.

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