Weekend Journal — Wrap-up and Followup

As somewhat of an administrator of this fine site, I like too look back and call out the good work that our writers are doing. We just finished up a theme week last week about the role of engineers when businesses are at different stages of their lifecycle. Some companies are dying. Some are growing. Some are just chugging along, doing what they do. In all of these cases, the engineering roles are never that different. We’re all still engineers, right? And I’m guessing if you enjoy reading this site, you like to see the commonalities among different types of engineers; there are many! But this past week, we saw the differences in roles and expectations, which I’d like to recap here:

Each of us enjoyed writing about the various aspects of companies we are or have worked in and how our roles have changed. Hopefully it gave you a good insight into a variety of company sizes and lifecycles. If you think there is anything we missed or have any comment on the overall theme of the business spectrum and how it affects engineers, please let us know in the comments.

And since this is sort of a “meta” post, keeping our readers up to date on the blog, I thought I would follow up on one of my other posts about engineering communication mediums. I recently announced my new podcast here on Engineer Blogs. We now have a dedicated site and a way to subscribe to future podcasts, if you’re so inclined. We also have a name for the show, The Engineering Commons. I likely won’t be talking about it anymore on this site (other than an occasional embedded link when it’s relevant), so I wanted to make sure any interested listeners had a chance to find the new site. We hope you like it!