2 responses to “Useful Things I Have Learned That Engineering School Never Taught Me”

  1. GEARS

    I agree that these are definitely topics that all students can benefit from, not just STEM students. I’ve discussed before when I talked about templates in matlab (http://gears-tt.blogspot.com/2011/03/templates-why-matlab-is-awesomeness.html) and templates in powerpoint (http://gears-tt.blogspot.com/2011/03/templates-powerpoint-tipstricks-part-2.html). I have personally had papers not get accepted on the first try because the figures were insufficient to convey the information. That parallels nicely with also knowing your “sales” pitch because in every paper and every class, you have to convey to your audience (reviewers/students) why the thing you’re talking about is important.

    Now, just to stoke the fires a little, these are all things that a good engineering prof should be teaching you in your classes. Lab & project classes are a good example where you have to make effective drawings and learn to “sell” your work. I don’t think these should only be left to humanities courses.

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