3 responses to “Looking over the fence”

  1. Pramod

    So what’s stopping Mr. ME from applying to grad school?

    1. Mr. ME

      I’ll be there eventually. Miss MSE and I have made a strategic decision that one of us should have “standard” gainful employment at all times. Once she finishes her PhD and either has a professorship or is in industry, I’ll go back for my PhD. Once we decide to have kids, raising them will be much easier if one of us has the type of income that grad school can’t offer.

  2. Sebastian Abbott

    Urgh, Mr. ME mentioned the bane of my engineering life, the PPAP! I wrote my thoughts on that monster in my own blog a little while ago; if you don’t mind a shameless plug you can read it here:


    In short, they are a hateful bureaucracy and I feel for him!