7 responses to “WTF #4: Illusory Superiority”

  1. ferd

    Welcome to the “business” side of engineering. All of us get blind-sided like this at some point. It’s not your fault — your job was to immerse yourself into the technology so you could develop it. Their job was to run the business. A real disillusioning part of engineering — that they don’t warn you about in school — is that a management decision can quickly wipe out not only your project but your livelihood as well.

    Find out if the company has any future plans for the technology, and if they are keeping ownership of it. See if you can get any of it into the public domain. If the company is abandoning this technology, and you are still confident that it is viable, now is the time to take it over.

  2. Chris Gammell

    I can’t help thinking this is just a play out of everyone’s favorite MBA Playbook (http://engineerblogs.org/2011/09/weekend-journal-the-mba-playbook/). Soon enough some “brilliant” mind will write books about bringing design work back to the mainland (the articles have already started online) and the dutiful MBAs will follow suit. How could they not? It’ll be in the playbook!

    1. Fluxor

      “…bringing design work back to the mainland..”?

      Which mainland? Mainland China?

      1. Chris Gammell

        Duh, the mainland that matters, Flux!

        Sorry, should have said USA. I forget I’m such a self centered American sometimes. I’m too busy shooting a gun, eating a big mac and burning coal simultaneously to remember that things exist outside of my bubble 😉

        1. Fluxor

          I knew you meant the US. I was being tongue-in-cheek. Maybe should’ve added a smiley. Still, will jobs flow back to the US? Maybe…some of it like some of the call-center jobs flowed back. But overall, I still see a net flow of job outwards in the short term.

          Also, don’t you complain incessantly about your president being a Kenyan?

        2. Jacob

          Haha, my first thought was also ‘Mainland China’. Good to have that cleared up =)

  3. FrauTech

    The more cynicism notches one has the more I respect them. That makes me a little sad…and a little more cynical.