2 responses to “Science Depends on Engineering”

  1. engineeringprof

    Amen to that. Scientists, please mail your checks to engineeringprof to get the next cool gadget for your experiments.

  2. ferd

    I have a lot of respect for scientists. Their theories and concepts chart a course for future development, and they can run circles around me when it comes to proofs and the math involved.

    But converting those theories and concepts into practical and profitable products is equally important. That’s where the engineers and technicians come in. Scientists can dream all day about theories, and draw up all kinds of pretty ideas on paper, but it is all vaporware until it is built. Between those pretty papers and real products there is always a gap to fill which is generally taken for granted by the public. So when we marvel about each scientific breakthrough, thank an engineer or technician for the actual device that you can use.