3 responses to “Planning Beyond Graduation”

  1. K

    Advice: Don’t get stuck thinking there is only one path. Industry, academia, and don’t forget National Labs are much more interchangeable than people think. I started at a National Lab, went to academia to get a PhD, and am now in industry. Who knows, I may get back to academia at some point. If you’re successful at the job you’re doing at the moment, that success can transfer to other avenues. Get a good general background and then focus. That will take you far.

  2. RVA

    One thing to look into is what the minimum degree level is for the industry of interest. In my industry, oil & gas exploration and production, the minimum out-of-school hiring level for geoscience for mid to large companies tends to be an M.S. For reservoir engineering, an M.S. tends to be preferred, but not so strongly. If you really want to differentiate yourself, one geoscience and one petroleum engineering degree is excellent. In oil & gas, geoscientists and engineers STILL don’t talk to each other.

  3. Jacqi

    For those seeking a job in industry, my advice is: Be a generalist, build a strong resume, and make the interviewer want to hire you.

    When I graduated, 2/3 of my class went on to grad school, and the rest of us didn’t really get much career guidance. What got me my first job (and my next 2 jobs) was a strong resume, good GPA, well respected college, and good interviews.