One response to “When Failure is the Only Option”

  1. Taylor Michaels

    I agree, but in chemical engineering we don’t normally try to break things. We have enough trouble with the “Teardrop of Death.”

    Does sound like fun, though.

    From a chemical engineering viewpoint, your issue can be stated, “How much fat should I include in the design?” Fifty percent is usually more than I would include, but once, I overdesigned a system by over three hundred percent. I had consulted ‘experts’ who were convinced that one hundred percent of the calculated number was fine. I honestly don’t know why I made it so big. Three times what the experts said. I just had a feeling that I should put in all I could get away with.

    I received rave reviews for my design that, when tested in the field, had a thirty percent over design. It turned out that there were factors nobody, even me, took into account.

    You can speculate about female intuition all you want, but engineering intuition is a fact.