One response to “I have it all figured out”

  1. Chris Lindsay

    I think you nailed it. I was someone who use to take things apart, but became frustrated with trying to put them back together. And that frustration turned into uncertainty and fear of trying to figure things out.

    However, when it came to writing stories or learning to play boardgames, I embraced frustration, got through it, and now if I want to write or a play a game, I have a wealth of experience to draw upon for getting me through frustration.

    When you talk about how you can look at models, and find similarities to past experience with different models, it’s very similar to when I play chess and see resemblances to other configurations that I’ve seen before – that allows me to play accordingly. Or if I have writer’s block, I draw upon previous times where I had it and recognize what tactics I used before that could help me in this case.

    It’s interesting how some people can find motivation and desire to punch through those times of adversity when it involves certain things, but not with other things.