2 responses to “A Natural Curiosity (by Carmen Parisi)”

  1. Dave Vandenbout

    I can say that I don’t remember much about any of my high school/college graduations or my wedding day (Although I do remember when my divorce was finalized. Hoo, boy!), but I can tell you exactly when and where I was when I finally got my 16-bit microprocessor chip from MOSIS to come to life and run its self-test diagnostic. I guess that shows where I put my emphasis in life, for good or ill.

    **I read the alt-text for the comic image, but I also looked at the page source and he has a very funny comment about the structure of the template he’s using.

    1. Carmen Parisi

      Since I only graduated college at the end of May I still remember quite a bit about the graduation ceremony. The memory of my high school graduation is pretty hazy too actually even though I only graduated back in ’06. Funny how much you can forget in a seemingly short period of time.

      That was a pretty funny comment in the page source too. I never would’ve though to look there for humor. Though I can’t read PHP so a decent portion of the humor was somewhat lost on me…