3 responses to “Competitive teamwork”

  1. Layne

    I definitely say team ranking is the best. While it may allow a team member to slack, at least everyone isn’t concerned about whether they are going to be there tomorrow. Considering the company that does do individual ranking though, they do seem to get results. Let’s hope other companies don’t follow their model though.

  2. Moiety

    I completely agree. I had the experience with a project partner. They had two people who were in different groups of the company. The relationship between the two was frosty at times as they were competing. This had a detrimental effect on the project as a whole and thus, we dumped them. I later found out that they had a rating system. I would hate to think what would happen if we had not been able to dump them.

  3. Bernie

    I find a lot of the problems with teamwork disappear when I have every member of the team plugged into our online goal network. With it, every team member is accountable to all of the others and each has specific access regarding planning and management contribution. Everyone has their role and nobody takes a back seat.