4 responses to “Success breeds success”

  1. engineeringprof

    I can’t agree enough with your views on creating a professional looking result. This unfortunately was one of the only useful things I learned from my Ph.D. advisor, but it has been critical. Of course even on my own, I felt terrible giving them shoddy looking graphs and poorly written papers given that one of the goals of the Ph.D. is showing your advisor that you are awesome and ready to graduate. I’m flabbergasted at the crappy figures that my own students give me now.

  2. gasstationwithoutpumps

    I’m going to one of Edward Tufte’s seminars next Monday. I’ve been a fan of his books for years, but never attended one of his day-long workshops. There are at least 10 going from my department, a mix of grad students, staff, and faculty. (We got together a group of 10 so that the staff could get discounts—the faculty and students already get pretty steep discounts).

    I certainly teach professional presentation both to new grad students and to seniors in senior design projects.

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