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Weekend Journal -- Decent Timing

Weekend Journal — Decent Timing

I’m at the tail end of both my Thanksgiving weekend and at the tail end of our “thankful for” series here at Engineer Blogs. Was it predictable? Yeah, a bit. But I didn’t care. I think it’s important to remember what we’re thankful for and writing posts week after week usually means our writers are clamoring for something a bit different. And since I am at the end of the week, I have to get to write something different, but then try and be different from all my co-writers. When I think about that, I am not particularly thankful…Ah well. Though my article title could use some work, I’m trying to get across that I’m glad to be alive right now. Yup, right here. Right this very minute. And all the things that led me up to this minute in my 28 years of life so far. This has been […]

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Thankful for a Well-Stocked Bookshelf

So this week, we’re following a US Thanksgiving theme, about what we’re thankful for, or other Thanksgiving related topics. When I talk to physicists considering making the switch to engineering, one of the regular jokes is “Engineers don’t think they have to know everything. They just need to know where to look it up”. And so I’m thankful for my favorite place to look things up: my bookshelf. I’ve never sold back a textbook (and yes, I’m lucky to have been able to do so), and there are many I still refer to regularly. I’m also lucky that my family considers textbooks totally reasonable birthday/holiday presents, and so I have several books for classes I never took. Despite being a “digital native”, there are just certain things which are easier to find in a textbook. Looking for that one equation about crack growth, but can’t remember who it’s named after? […]