6 responses to “Weekend Edition: How Do You Capture Your Ideas?”

  1. gasstationwithoutpumps

    shower notepad
    and you’ll see that there are several waterproof notepads for taking notes in the shower already on the market.

    Why do so many engineers fail to look at what is on the market already? I first noticed the problem when faculty were pitching ideas for senior projects, half of which could be found on Amazon for $50.

  2. Steve Hoefer

    A really good idea just needs a small prompting to bring it back. If I have my smartphone on me I shoot myself a three word email so I can properly file and expand the idea when I get back to my computer.

    But if I don’t have that (for example, in the shower) I use what I call a KMR. (KM’s reminder. Named after my brother-in-law who taught me the technique.) The gist is make something abnormal where you’ll spot it later. Toss the shampoo bottle in the sink. Put a quarter in my shoe. Put my watch on the wrong hand, ring on the wrong finger, keys in the wrong pocket, whatever. Then when I notice it later I’ll ask myself “Why is my shoe on the doorknob?” and it will invariably trigger the memory of what caused it, whether it’s a totally new idea or simply to remember the milk.

    Morning pages are great, but I rarely have groundbreaking ideas on them. They either flush out existing ideas or just clear out the litter and make room for better thoughts.

  3. Ahmed Lazreg

    I use paper sheets (paper notpad) and/or computer. All my notes finish up in a mindmap, that I report on my PC.
    Mindmapping does not impose any media, and paper or computer (PC, iPad, smartphone, …) and is terribly effective.

  4. Charles J Gervasi

    The key part for me is making sure the ideas get filed somewhere where I will revisit them at the appropriate time.

  5. patrick andrews
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